2021 CA State Match Championship Volunteers

Area Managers 

Regulators, round up!

Law and order is the name of the game and we need volunteers to help keep the peace. 

Volunteers are essential to our annual matches. We would greatly appreciate if you'd take a moment to scroll through the open volunteer spots and see if there is something you are able to help out with.

Interested in a position?

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Responsible for ensuring Area Managers are fulfilling their responsibilities, providing guidance and assistance as needed.

John Ringo
Match Director


Range Manager

Responsible for the overall condition of the stages and readiness for the event to include the following:

  • Structures repair

  • Painting

  • Safety work

  • Night time lighting

  • Target repair

  • Stands

  • Steel

  • Shotgun properly functioning

  • Backup ropes and target strategically placed

  • Adequate paint supply

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Refilled or replaced

  • Locations identified

  • Shovels provided

  • Shade

  • Determine where and type of covering needed

  • Procure adequate covering

  • Ensure no tripping hazard

Responsible for assisting Range Manager on completing range tasks as needed.

Highway Rider 

Range Crew

Responsible for assisting Range Manager on completing range tasks as needed.

Range Crew

Responsible for assisting Range Manager on completing range tasks as needed.

Range Crew


Awards Manager

Responsible for determining what awards are necessary, obtaining estimates within prior approved budgets and getting board approval before commitment.  Organizing  and set up at the awards ceremony.  Consider the following:

  • Buckles

  • Top 3 awards

  • 4th through 10th

  • Side matches

  • Wild Bunch

  • ???

Responsible for soliciting donations, organization of presentation area and obtaining all items necessary for the raffles to include the following:

  • Solicit donations

  • Arrange for support staff

  • Arrange for presentation area

  • Obtain tickets


Raffles Manager

Responsible for determining equipment needs, dealers.  Provide for event location.


Poker Manager

Responsible for getting Saloon cleaned and sanitized, procuring all needed beverages, and music or entertainment and ensure adequate lighting for patron’s safety.

  • Saloon cleaned & ready

  • Music & sound system procured

  • Adequate lighting


Saloon Manager


Dinner & Food Manager

Responsible for researching and proposing dinner vendor to board within the approved budget and getting board approval before commitment.  Working with the vendor to ensure satisfactory patron experience.

  • Coordinate with Dinning & Awards Manager for facility requirements.

Responsible for working with the Dining Manager and Awards Manager to determine the needs of each.  Provide necessary facility, equipment and furniture to meet the needs of each.

  • Arrange for tables, chairs and overhead shade

  • Arrange for table covering and decoration

  • Arrange for PA system

  • Obtain entertainment / music


Dining & Awards Area Manager

Irish Eyes

Shooter Bag Manager

Responsible for the procurement of the shooter bags within the approved budget.

  • Purchase or make bags.

  • If making bags coordinate with Volunteer Manager for volunteers.

Responsible for coordinating with the other Manager for printed materials and provide in a timely fashion.  Consider the following:

  • Match & side match cards

  • Shooter booklets

  • Flyers

    • Next year’s notification

    • LOCAS Photo flyer


Printing Manager

Responsible for handling all vendor inquiries, coordinate with the Overall Site Manager for suitable locations and electrical needs, consider venders to be pursued, any vendor fees to be charged.

  • Handle all vendor inquiries and needs

  • Layout and mark vendor locations

Little Jersey Jo

Vendor Manager


Overall Site Manager

Has the overall responsibility of the site, excluding the range, and coordination with the Parking Manager to ensure timely completion of the following:

  • Portable restroom locations identified

  • Trash dumpsters and barrels locations identified

  • Water spigots cleaned

  • Electrical tested

  • Dump station clean & ready

  • Handicapped areas laid out

  • Emergency signs posted as needed

  • Area cleared and cleaned as needed

  • Trees trimmed as needed

  • Parking laid out and spaces counted

  • Review parking needs with Match Director

  • Mark or sign spots as directed

  • Stripe the parking area per layout by the Overall Site Minager

  • Obtain adequate volunteers for parking load up

  • Direct campers to their proper areas as set out by the Overall Site Manager

  • Have relief for 2-hour shifts (Consider using 4F help)

  • Secure transportation from the parking area to the Depot within the approved budget.


Parking Manager

Calamity Annie


Responsible for procuring adequate personnel to handle the needs of the various Managers. Consider the following avenues:

  • Double R Bar Facebook site

  • Membership email

  • Flyers posted on Sister Clubs

  • Etc.


Volunteer Manager

Happy Trails
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