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The Double R Bar Regulators club was founded in June of 1997. This ‘little club with a big heart’ has grown rapidly and has earned its reputation for having lots of good, honest fun. Regulators enjoy the camaraderie of friends while exercising their love of the Old West lifestyle and Second Amendment rights.


What Is Cowboy Action Shooting?

Cowboy Action Shooting creates scenarios to imitate an Old West shootout by shooting at targets in a specific pattern. Speed, accuracy, and pattern precision are key to see who is fastest bobtailed wildcat in the west! 

The sport of Cowboy Action Shooting consists of events that are held in a backdrop setting of the Old West. From the early 1800's to the late 1880's, where one might expect to catch a gander of  Wyatt Earp, Jessie James, Billy the Kid, or Calamity Jane strolling down Main Street.


Here at the Double R Bar we take the authentic Old West and bring it back to life with items like clothing and firearms dating back to the 1800's! 

  • Single-action revolvers

  • Lever-action rifles 

  • Shot guns

Join our club today! It's a rootin' tootin' good time!


What Type of Firearms Are Used ?

Per SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) rules, shooters must use period accurate firearms, for example: 

  • Single-action revolvers 

    • Peacemaker or Ruger Vaqueros

  • Lever-action rifles​

    • ​Marlin 1894

    • Winchester 1873

  • Shotguns

    • Double barrel​

    • Pump action

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sister clubs

Click on an IMAGE below to pay a visit to any of our sister Cowboy Action Shooting Clubs!

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High Desert Cowboys logo

The High Desert Cowboy
Part of the Desert Marksmen
Rifle and Pistol Club

L.O.C.A.S. logo
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escondido bandidos.jpg

The Code of The West

We are history come to life in our dress and our beliefs.


Double R Bar Regulators take great pride in displaying their insignias depicting the RR Bar brand, which is Roy Roger’s own. The Double R Bar club is proud to ‘ride for the brand’ of Roy and Dale. The Code of the West, as depicted in all of Roy’s and Dale’s movies, is very much alive with us.


Woe to the varmint who forgets that!


Happy Trails Children's Foundation


In addition to shooting, the Double R Bar Regulators volunteer time to assist Happy Trails Children’s Foundation and the Lions Club Pride. We can usually be found at any of the charity fundraisers, Old West themed dances, or lending a hand (or gun) in impromptu stunt shows. We’ve been known to appear in local parades firing blanks as fast as we can (whenever we’re allowed), or livening up the local areas restaurants after a long day at the range. There’s nothing quite like a gang of period-dressed cowboys and cowgirls to add interest to any situation.

Happy Trails
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