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Overall Winners for March 2023


Clint Steele & Not So Deadeye Maverick

March Clean Shooters

Clint Steele

Deadeye Maverick

Ed Westerly

See photos posted by attendees for this shoot and other photos and videos in our photo gallery: or



Clean Match Winners

Sep 2021:  Flapjack Johnson

Nov 2021: Ransom Hawk

Dec 2021: Highway Rider

Feb 2022: Misty Rose

Mar 2022: RJ McRuger

Apr 2022: Moe T Vader

Aug 2022: Dookie

Sep 2022:Highway Rider 

Nov 2022-Deadeye Maverick 

Dec 2022- Match Cancelled

Jan 2023: Ed Westerly

Feb 2023: Clint Steele

Mar 2023  Clint Steele

 Free shoots yet to be redeemed

.Red has redeemed free shoot

Will you be earning a clean shooter pin at our February 2023 monthly match?

Clean Shooter Pin_RR Bar_edited.jpg
Match Winner Pin_RR Bar_edited.jpg



Scores for Double R Bar matches can also be found on Practiscore.

Don't have Practiscore?

The Practiscore app can be downloaded on your phone from Google Play.

Happy Trails
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